Upcoming Events

2024 Annual Concert

The Pacific Choir Annual Concert

Date: 5/18/2024 at 4 PM 

Venue: Peace Lutheran Church 

European Tour & Workshop with The Vienna Boys' Choir Summer 2024

The Pacific Choir has been invited to perform in several European cities in 2024. The concerts will be held in beautiful historical venues, such as Saint Peters Church in Vienna and Salzburg Cathedral. The trip will culminate with a two day workshop with the world-renowned Vienna Boys' Choir. 

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 GoFundMe: Support The Pacific Choir 

Date: July 7 - July 20,  2024

Tour Cities: Prague - Vienna - Salzburg - Hallstatt - Klagenfurt - Sekirn - Munich

Concert Venues (top to bottom): 

Saint Nicholas Church (Prague, Czechia)

Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburg, Austria)

Saint Stephens Cathedral (Vienna, Austria)

Saint Peters Church (Vienna, Austria)