Administrative Staff

2022 - Current

Left to right:

Public Relations Manager: Jin Kimm

Photographer: Michelle Shin and Karl Shin (not pictured)

Finance and Operations Manager: Eunice Lee

Register and Development Manager: Soo Kim

2019 - 2022

Left to right:

Junior PTA President: Sydney Yang

Youth PTA President: HyeYoung Jung

2017 -2018

PTA President: Youngmi Park

PTA Vice President: Joyce Yi, Jaehee Min

2017 - Current

Coelis Vocal Ensemble:

Left to right:

Treasurer: Eunjeong Song

Director: Mijeong Kim

Vice Director: Sunhee Lee

2015 - 2017

Left to right:

PTA President: Ryu Mee

PTA Vice President: Hejin Yoon

PTA Vice President: Seung Hee Kang

2014 - 2015

Left to right:

Vice President: Ryu Mee

PTA Treasure: Jae-Kyung Seo

PTA President: Hyun-Sook Park

President: Catarina Kim

2015 - 2016

President: Catarina Kim