Concert 2020

2020 Pure Delight Virtual Concert

2020 Annual Virtual Concert


Korean Times: 퍼시픽콰이어 ‘2020 온라인 연주회’ 준비

“Conveying Hopes through Music During Difficult Times”

The Pacific Choir celebrates the 2020 Annual Concert online on August 8, 2020.

The Pacific Choir (Music Director: Hyunjung Choi) is hosting the 2020 annual concert online.

The Pacific Choir, who performed their magnificent 10th anniversary concert last year, will hold the virtual online concert to convey hopes to the community through music via YouTube channel (The Pacific Choir: on August 8th 2020, 6 PM.

Despite being unable to practice together in the same venue, the choir members are preparing for the concert online through each individual practice, according to director Hyunjung Choi. She said, “Because members have to record their own individual parts of the songs independently, each and every member has to accomplish their role more perfectly unlike usual chorus rehearsal,” and “one student cried after having disappointing recording results even though she tried over 40 times only to have a harsh tone of her voice in the end”.

Director Hyunjung said that while encouraging members over the phone and providing 'private' ZOOM lessons to each member, she had a chance not only to help the choir members to advance their musicianship but also to enhance their rapport with the music director. She also mentioned that each choir member has been very enthusiastic during the online rehearsal despite the new hardship due to various technical barriers. Director Hyunjung praised the choir members’ online etiquette such as raising their hands to talk and muting their microphone when someone else is speaking.

Since this year’s concert is taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic in chaotic circumstances, The Pacific Choir is selecting a repertoire presenting “Why We Sing” and “Dona Nobis Pacem”, songs that embrace the message of hope and unity through music. Additionally, members’ interviews will be incorporated as part of the concert to connect the choir to the audience.

The Pacific Choir, who has previously donated its concert proceeds to various organizations such as Oakland Children’s Hospital and Cancer Patient Supporting Group annually, is supporting “Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano” this year. Hyunjung stated that “The Pacific Choir decided to help the low-income community who have much more difficulties for their daily meal these days,” and she added that “Choir members are collecting their own money and canned foods for the Food Bank”.

Following the choir’s motto, “Make our lives meaningful through music,” it will be the best year for the Pacific Choir to give charity work in its musical activities, said the Music Director. The Pacific Choir currently receives the donations for the “Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano” as well as donations to support the choir.

English Translation By Heesul Choi ( Youth Choir )