Student Leaders



Chaelin Song

Vice President

Minsung Kim

Vice President

Allison Hwang



Hyewon Jung

Vice President

Heesul Choi

Soprano Section Leader

Kacey Cheung

Alto Section Leader

Seohyeon Park

PR Manager

Gyuwon Lea Seo



Kristen Choi

Vice President

Michelle Park

Vice President

Eric Kim

PR Officer

Sumin Lee

2019 - 2020

From right to left:

President: Constin Liu

Bass Section Leader: Brendon Choi

Soprano Section Leader: Grace Jieun Lee

Alto Section Leader: Sarah Kim

Vice President: Yubin Kim

2018 - 2019

From left to right:

Vice President: Jake Lee

President: Joshua Choi

Vice President: Andy Jung

2017 - 2018

From left to right:

Bass Section Leader: Donggyu Han

Vice President: Sarah Ng

Alto Section Leader: Ashley Hong

President: Joanne Kim

Vice President: Raymond Lee

2015 - 2016

From left to right:

Jacob Kim (Bass Section leader), Vincent Kim (Vice President),

Jin Kim (Tenor Section leader), Carolyn Kim (Soprano section leader),

Eura Choi (President ), Julie Kim (Alto Section leader)

Minju Kim (Accompanist)

2014 - 2015

From left to right:

Stephanie Kim

Calvin Kim

Lisa Lee